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Slick Shot USA
Gun Oil | Gun Grease

You dont RUN and neither should your LUBE

veteran owned and operated. made in usa.


Instructions on the recommended application of Slick Shot USA Gun Oil & Slick Shot Gun Grease


We are a veteran owned and operated company.  This whole thing started when we simply couldn't find the weapons lubricants we needed. After an exhaustive search, and testing in all environments, we bring our favorite products to you.


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what makes our lubricants superior

Smoke Free

Slick Shot Gun Oil was specifically designed to run in rapid-fire conditions without smoking out your position

Resists Debris

Independent reviews have shown that Slick Shot Gun Oil and Gun Grease attract and retain less surface debris

Moisture Barrier

Slick Shot Gun Oil and Gun Grease are both specially engineered to give longer-lasting protection against moisture

Slick shot gun oil - slick shot gun grease - testimonials

C Doe - Law Enforcement

I use my weapon every day for work and rely solely on Slick Shot Lube. I wouldn’t put anything else on my weapon if my life depended on it......ooh wait, it does. 

Eric - Ret. Army Ranger & Combat Veteran

Terrific product! Beats the Heck out of all other products I’ve tried.... A Must Try.... 

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